Myanmar 1

The Beautiful Children of Myanmar

The innocence of children can catch you by surprise. From the cheekiness of a group of boy monks to the shyness of a tiny child, there is such a beauty in their naivety and inquisitiveness. A simple question from a child’s mouth can change everything. When a child nun turned to me while practicing her English and gently asked with a smile “Are you happy?” I suddenly felt naked.  All the turmoil in my life flashed before my eyes. Out of an innocent question I was so confronted. Not by her but by myself. Days later I turned to the Vietnam vet who had been standing with me at the time and told him that it was one of the most confronting questions I had ever been asked. His eyes welled up with tears and he said ‘I can’t talk about it’. Untouched by the world her innocent question had an effect on both of us.

Beautiful Boy Monk Young Nuns Boy Monk Monks going for breakfast Burmese Child Monk Mother and Child Siblings Taking a rest Poser Young Monk Child Mother and Baby Innocent Boy Sisters Super Cheeky



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