When I said I was going to Uzbekistan hardly anyone knew where it was. I love places like this. Stuck in time without a bunch of tourists climbing all over it. I knew nothing about it and, like many of my journeys, took each day as it came without looking too far ahead as not to spoil the moment I was ain. From Russian Summer Palaces to ancient cities, lush green gardens to dry endless deserts, everyday was a discovery. My favourite, staying with the locals in Sentab village in the Nuratau-Kyzylkum Biosphere Reserve. A valley of walnut trees along a river bed that winds down between the dry rocky hillsides. It is a hairy ride up to this place on a narrow dirt road, but it is well worth the laughter. There is not much there except the people and their way of life. If you climb up and over one of the hills you will find the remains of an ancient village and a fantastic view.

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