Alaska 1

A bird’s eye view

One very special place on earth. It is here that you can see nature is ancient. The ebb and flow of life meanders from the snow-capped mountains through the lush green plains to meet the tide.

There is design in nature. Untamed, yet balanced, extreme, yet harmonized. Contradictions are the rule. Crystal clear streams merge with opaque waters. The cool ice plays with the hot sun on the plains. Moonscapes juxtaposed against vibrant green landscapes.

Everthing is in the moment. It will not wait and it will not remember. Water will flow, directions will change and time will wait for nothing.

AlaskaAir10 AlaskaAir9AlaskaAir5 AlaskaAir6AlaskaAir7 AlaskaAir2AlaskaAir4 AlaskaAir8 AlaskaAir1 AlaskaAir3




  1. I had to stare at Your photos for a long time, because they are so gorgeous! Although in Finland we can make road trips far beyond the Arctic Circle our landscapes cannot beat these.


  2. Rochelle Whelan

    Thank you for reminding me of the diversity in this extraordinary landscape. What a special treat it was to walk her paths, hike her glaciers and soar like an eagle high above her beauty…


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