Alaska 3

 Glacier Love

Water dripping, water trickling, water rushing. Silence. Crashing of water into hollow caverns. The roar of waves in a tunnel below. Nothing. Just a breeze across the ice. It’s pleasant. Crunch crunch crunch. Under my feet undulations. The pressure of gravity and weight. Moving ever so slowly. Trying to escape nature’s icy vice. The taste of purity.  Untouched. Pristine. White, blue, grey. Changing with movement and pressure. Collecting what wasn’t yours. Setting free memories and secrets as you move closer to your destiny.

AlaskaGlacier1 AlaskaGlacier10AlaskaGlacier4 AlaskaGlacier2 AlaskaGlacier3 AlaskaGlacier12 AlaskaGlacier11 AlaskaGlacier15 AlaskaGlacier17 AlaskaGlacier5 AlaskaGlacier8 AlaskaGlacier6 AlaskaGlacier7 AlaskaGlacier13 AlaskaGlacier9 AlaskaGlacier14

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