Heathcote NP

There are so many national parks around Sydney it’s amazing. The great thing is they are all so different. In one park alone the vegetation can change dramatically. Heathcote NP is no exception. Peppering the landscape the indigenous gymea lily seems like such a jurassic flower. It is so high there is no way to see the top of it. You can tell it comes from a place long before humans. The birds love it. Native aboriginals used to eat it. Cockatoos hang from the stems and bend their necks to eat the nectar in the flower.

The rocks too have sat for thousands of years. Unmoved by any seismic activity. There is none here. You can see where the earth once moved and then came to a stop never to move again. Everything is so still. Locked in time. Unchanged and unmoveable. If you listen carefully you can almost hear it coming to a grinding halt. Creaking as the rocks expand and contract with the heat of the midday sun.

Heathcote_8 Heathcote_9 Heathcote_7 Heathcote_5 Heathcote_4 Heathcote_6 Heathcote_3 Heathcote_2 Heathcote_1

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