Kamay Botany Bay NP 1

It’s amazing what you can find in your own backyard. I had avoided this place only because I had considered it suburbia. I was so wrong. I was left alone with the waves crashing on the rocks below and the wind shaking the coastal flowers so they danced with the neighbouring grasses.

As I ventured around Cape Banks the calm, clear aqua of Henry Head slowly turned into a roaring deep blue that forced itself onto the painted sandstone.  A twisted and rusted mess, once a ship, was sheltered from the ocean wind on the jaggered rocks. The calm breeze from the protected coves suddenly whipped up into a frenzy creating a sense of drama only nature is capable of. In between there was fun to be had rock-hopping and exploring the crushed shells that littered the cove.

Botany Bay_8 Botany Bay_7 Botany Bay_9 Botany Bay_12Botany Bay_11 Botany Bay_10 Botany Bay_6 Botany Bay_5 Botany Bay_4 Botany Bay_3 Botany Bay_2 Botany Bay_1 Botany Bay_14 Botany Bay_13Botany Bay_15  Botany Bay_16

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