Tasman National Park : Three Capes Track

An amazing 4 day hike around the southern edge of Tasman National Park, Tasmania. Can only be done through the official Three Capes Track operated by the National Parks. The cabins are well kitted out and we were lucky as there was only 11 of us who started on the same day. I had a whole cabin to myself!

From the morning to the afternoon several ecosystems can be passed through. From the cloud forest, to tornado ridge to the most amazing ‘enchanted forest’ I have seen, each day has something more spectacular to see.

Had a major storm on the third day and couldn’t see more than 10 metres ahead. It didn’t matter. The weather is all part of the adventure. Stood on ‘The Blade’, a triangular rock jutting out into the ocean, in a complete whiteout. Part of the highest cliff faces in the southern hemisphere. Would definitely do it again!

TNP_3Capes_17 TNP_3Capes_19TNP_3Capes_18 TNP_3Capes_21TNP_3Capes_20 TNP_3Capes_05 TNP_3Capes_13 TNP_3Capes_10TNP_3Capes_09 TNP_3Capes_16TNP_3Capes_04 TNP_3Capes_23TNP_3Capes_24 TNP_3Capes_25 TNP_3Capes_12 TNP_3Capes_02 TNP_3Capes_22

TNP_3Capes_07 TNP_3Capes_06 TNP_3Capes_01 TNP_3Capes_27 TNP_3Capes_26 TNP_3Capes_31 TNP_3Capes_30 TNP_3Capes_32



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