Growing up in the countryside I always had immediate access to nature. The long grass, the birds at feeding time, the smell of rain approaching on the breeze. This was the place where I went to think, to reconnect and reflect. This was the place where I was closest to who I am. Then the city took over. The noise, the speed, the endless back and forth. Not always a bad thing but sometimes a little overwhelming, and occasionally seemingly pointless.

Now I have come full circle. I crave the adventure of being outside four walls, of being at peace with the earth, of rediscovering my roots, of only having the birds and the breeze through the trees to listen to.

Return to the Source is a journey. A discovery of the world, of the earth, of my ancestry. It is who I am and the earth from which I come. It is about knowing I only have one life and iridescent lighting, air-conditioning, computer screens and processed foods aren’t really what I want to be living.

It’s about the here and now, blood and earth, about choosing the right direction.

Better to live one day wondering how all things arise and pass. Better to live one hour seeing the one life beyond the way. Better to live one moment in the moment of the way beyond the way. – The Thousands, Buddha




  1. Hi Amanda, nice to meet you. Love all your photographs of the Aussie bush. Although I’ve lived in Canada for 30 years I was born and raised in Australia, first Melbourne, then Canberra. We’re headed back to Oz at the end of November for family Christmas, then we’ll do a little travelling around Oz and NZ.
    Thanks so much for following our blog. I hope you enjoy the stories of our journey, both inner and outer. And don’t be a stranger – feel free to join the conversation.


    • Thanks Alison. My photos are like a journey. They are the world through my eyes. Glad you like them.
      I also lived in Canada in Montreal. I loved it and would like to go back one day. I think Australia might have changed a lot over 30 years but there are so many great things here.



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